Mongrel Woes in Singapore

Jason is a dog lover, who has made arrangements to his life at large, to accomodate a mongrel within his flat. However, keeping a mongrel in his flat is against housing policy. This video is an amateur documentary expressing the plea of dog lovers.

In tiny Singapore, where 17% of households are millionaires, 84% of the population live in Public Housing, otherwise known as HDB flats. Due to the smaller living spaces & close proximity of housing, mongrels have been banned from public housing, leaving homeowners with an affinity with canines, little choice but to rear them illegally.

With limited options, dogs often spend long times at dog shelters or are put down.

The HDB isn’t exactly standing by & doing nothing about it. A rehoming programme has been in it’s pilot phase, though little has been heard of since. Rehoming of strays has been an endeavour undertaken by dog lovers for many years through the dog lover network, with very subjective success.

If you’re in Singapore & thinking of getting a new pet, do take a look at The Rehomers & understand a little more of the challenges in the little country.

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